Alibaba Japan is one of the most reputable and the most experienced automobile exporters of Japanese vehicles. While we initialized in 1993, we are fully operational since 1997, commenced export to Africa in 1998 and then opnened U.A.E. trade in 1999. Alibaba International has been expanding its trade across the globe providing high quality new and used vehicles to customers spread around the world, thus maintaining a good reputation among our clients. Alibaba Intern- ational is a valued member of the automobile auctions in Japan.Alibaba International offers its customers to experience the vehicle industry in Japan, with a history and a vast trading experience.we provide our clients and customers with all the necessary and expert guidance which is required for long lasting and profitable results.  
Our exports have reached to regions such as Kenya,Tanzania, South Asia, Middle East, Eastern, Central and Southern parts Africa. If you are looking for high quality, maintained and low cost vehicle, Alibaba International can help you find one just for you. Our customers and clients can visit us in Japan, we honour our clients with great hospitality and value.
At Alibaba International we believe in customer satisfaction in every single process of the trade, thus making stronger bonds with our customers across the globe.
Feel free to contact us if you have any queries about the Japanese vehicle industry or you are interested in trading or partnering with us..
Business Philosophy
Business decisions are seldom between what is right and what is wrong, but between what is good and what is best. For example, you are in the midst of making a decision that will affect all of your employees,
As a reliable and highly experienced automobile supplier in Japan, we have acquired a remarkable reputation with our clients universally for exporting high quality vehicles at the most economical prices. We reiterate our pledge to our clients that without compromising on quality we still offer the most competitive prices.
ALI BABA JAPAN makes a strong statement to ensure that the data we display on the website is accurate. However, we keep updating our website time to time. We want our customers to always be aware of any information we collect, we will not give out any personal or business information to third parties. All information entered remains confidential. See our website.
Company Staff
Head Office (Japan)
  General Secretary   Sales Manager / Customer Services   Marketing Manager  
  Quality Incharge   Service Manager   Parts Manager  
      Body Shop Manager      
East Africa Team
  S.K. MASALU   H.RAJABU   S.AMIRI   Kadumbu Abdala   Shughuli Omar   Omar Mwanjema   Chris Lugano  
  Clearing Agent.      Showroom Helper    Driver   Showroom Helper   Showroom Helper   Showroom Helper   Office Asst.  
  Office Asst.   Security Guard   Mechanic   Mechanic   Showroom Helper   Showroom Helper   Showroom Helper  
  Showroom Helper   Security Incharge   Bond Asst.   Security Incharge   Driver          
United Arabic Emirates (UAE) Staff
  Abdul Shakoor   Rizwan Anjam   M.Khalil  
  M.Director   Sales Repr.   Sales Repr.  
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