Frequently Asked Questions
What are the benefits of having free access to ALI BABA Japan?
There are a lot of benefits of having free access to ALI BABA Japan: You can buy vehicles from our extensive inventory, buy cars direct from Japanese vehicle auctions, save money on our special bargains and promos, and more.
How can i get some Auto spares
If someone require any parts we can arrange .(Speacilly for our customer)
What is CIF and FOB?
CIF means "Cost, Insurance, and Freight". It is all the cost included until landed to the destination Port. FOB means "Free on Board". It does not include marine insurance and shipping cost. 
How fast can you ship my car?
Most of our cars in the stock have already "Deregistration Documents" so we can start arranging the shipment next day we confirm your payment. Ocean Freight time will depend on the destination where you want to ship your car and may vary from several days to several months
What are the terms of payment?
All purchases must be paid in advance 100%.
How can I see the prices in my currency?
You can calculate your currency exchange from site.
When will I receive my shipping documents?
Once the vessel leaves from the port in Japan, the shipping company will issue the shipping documents (B/L). Then we will send you all of the necessary documents as following by air courier with tracking number.  
1. B/L (Bill of Lading)
2. Export Certificate
3. Export Certificate Translation
4. Marine insurance on your request
5. JAAI inspection if necessary
6. JEVIC inspection if necessary
How much is the freight cost
Freight cost varies and will depend on the destination country where your vehicles will be delivered to. ALI BABA Japan's access to shipping lines servicing Japan and our long-running contracts and agreements with many shipping companies allow us to pass on to our customers the best freight costs available.
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