Article 1
This Ali baba Japan Used Car Export Membership Agreement specifies terms and conditions
Article 2
Users who wish to use these services shall fill in personal information required by the Company on the enrolment screen on the Web site managed by the Company, and at the point they carry out registration, shall be deemed to have agreed to the Agreement and completed registration.
Article 3
In the event of fictitious statements, errors, or omissions in items that the applicant submitted to the Company.
Article 4

Membership registration is restricted to one per person, with one email address registered to each membership.

Article 5
The Member can view items submitted to the Company at the time of registration, and Member Information used with the service on the Company web site.
Article 6
Alibaba International provides its customers with full details of auctions across Japan, and allows the visitors on this site to browse auctions, order and follow up with the corporation on the status of their order. On successful bidding, a service charge of $800 will be charged, it includes all the logistics, handling and maintanence charges for the desired vehicles.
Article 7
Upon successful bidding of an item from the auction, the user will be noticed and sent information about the pricing, customers are then liable for seding in the consignment information. Moreover, a sum equal to 50% of the total amount will be paid first and the remaining 50% will be due when the Bill of landing is provided to the client.
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